Episode 38: A Despooked Look at the Mises Caucus and Other Alt-Right Entryists

John Hudak

In this episode I am joined by John Hudak, co-founder and lead admin of the Facebook page Fakertarians. We talk about his time working within the Mises Caucus to prevent alt-right entryists from coming into the Mises Caucus and how the culture of the Caucus shifted and became more accepting of outright racists and neo-fascists. We talk about how some various “comedians” and podcasters have been pandering to the alt-right and how many right-libertarians have taken the mask off and exposed their racism. We talk about Ron Paul and the paleolibertarian movement attempting to fuse libertarianism with paleoconservative. We talk about how the Mises Caucus allows the alt-right to join their caucus as long at they do not reveal their power level. We talk about some embarrassing positions we both held in the past. We talk about some more right-libertarian “thinkers” and their ties to various alt-right people. We talk about some shit positions many right-libertarians hold and I try to get John to read Kropotkin.

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