Episode 32: Despooking the Libertarian Party; or What Is to Be Done?

Mike Shipley

In this episode, I am joined by Mike Shipley who is running for Libertarian National Committee Chair. We discuss his qualifications to be chair through his history being involved in many caucuses and committees within the Libertarian Party, as well as his experience chairing meetings. We talk about parliamentary procedure. We talk about what it is that the chair’s job actually is. We talk about the differences between the way right and left-libertarians speak about issues and how the language we all use causes division. We also talk about the LP Platforms and how we have both helped mold our state party’s platforms. If you would like to donate to Mike’s campaign here are some ways you can do that:

Venmo @MikesterAZ
Cash App $mikeshipley
Zelle 602 492 4201
ETH 0x9c319851d246907dda1fE1266b669086ae8658E1

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