Podcast Titles are a Spook

A Podcast by James Weeks

Episode 2: I Didn’t Leave Bitcoin, Bitcoin Left Me

Today on the show I have Tyagananda Swaraj an Agorist and fellow crypto-currency user. We discuss how the fees in bitcoin are making it unusable and other options on the horizon, like Bitcoin Cash, Vertcoin, and Dash.


Bitcoin: 1FwPws3SBSfwJBuw8L1dGtBeqiVfvFGMzP
Bitcoin Cash: qrce3w2hnw8x899eyfelx9fa0sy0amehwgdlfq6w60
Vertcoin: VfXJStR3r9cwEEFDikDwviGhiPDXd5xSsW
Litecoin: LMBr5KgnyzpeWS6BqJSZKDdq4MKwAcfiBw
Dash: Xo6QCTgeoGrMEfZLxi3wYUaaP6oBFNMzon

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